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The Falmouth Heritage Museum - Post-Pandemic

Our volunteers often came across accounts of the 1918 "Spanish Flu" pandemic while researching local and family history.  Before 2020, we wondered what it must have been like to live through such a pandemic.  We were shocked by the political drama over issues such as mask wearing and closures.  Now we know what it is like to live through a pandemic that brings severe illness, widespread death, and major disruption to our nation and communities.  According to Maine CDC, there 2,368 cases of Covid in Falmouth--one out of every five residents.  We hope that the virus continues to wane.  May a pandemic not visit us again for at least another century.

The Falmouth Heritage Museum has resumed normal operations.  It open to the public during summer on most Tuesdays, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., June through early-October.  It is also open to visitors by appointment.

Why does the Society still encourage masks and social distancing in the Museum?

  • The Falmouth Heritage Museum is a small 19th century farmhouse with poor ventilation.  To improve airflow, we use window fans to push fresh air through the first-floor spaces.
  • Many of our volunteers and visitors are in higher risk categories or have family members who are—it’s just the nature of town historical societies.
  • US and Maine CDC recommend precautions for people with risk factors while in enclosed areas.

We don't require the wearing of masks in the Museum but the safety of our volunteers and visitors is paramount.  Masks are not necessary outdoors or in the barn.

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