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The Board of Directors approved these goals and objectives at the February 2023 meeting.  Our previous goals can be viewed here.



 1.  Solidify the administrative foundation

       a.   Update the standard operating procedures  Bring the handbook for board members up to date with documented workflows for routine transactions.  (Officers)
       b.   Improve accounting  Bring accounting into full compliance with standards for nonprofits.  Scrub ledgers for legacy (pre-2015) accounts.  (Treasurer)
       c.   Audit the finances  Recruit and convene the audit committee.  (Treasurer) 
       d.   Build board and volunteer competencies  Leverage memberships through training and networking opportunities.  (Board)
 2.   Perform our core mission of preserving our town’s heritage and making it accessible to our community

       a.   Continue incremental improvements to the Museum buildings and grounds  Address wear-and-tear issues.  Transition from septic to sewer.  Improve capacity and reliability of drainage.  (Bldgs & Grds Comm)
       b.   Continue to provide public access to artifacts, books, and documents at the Museum  Open the museum to the public at least one day/week except holidays and election days, during May-October.  (Mus Ops Comm)
       c.   Continue the migration to a digital, publicly accessible catalog.  Finish cataloging artifacts.  Continue cataloging books and serials.  Begin cataloging binders and files.  (Coll Comm)
       d.   Enhance exhibits at the Museum  Build our first thematic exhibit.  (Mus Ops Comm, Local Hist Comm)
 3.   Improve long-term health through membership growth and fundraising

       a.   Improve engagement with the membership  Publish the newsletter quarterly with postal mailings.  Increase tempo for email blasts and Facebook posts keeping membership informed about Society activities.   (Comms Comm)
       b.   Improve engagement with the community  Continue participation in community events.  Hold at least three public events (including the Annual Meeting) featuring historical content outside the Museum annually.  Respond to local history needs of schools and government.  (Progs Comm, Local Hist Comm)
       c.   Strengthen reputation as the authoritative source for local history  

Continue to improve online content by adding guides and supporting material for research in Falmouth to the website.  Add more detailed content to members-only area.  (Loc Hist Comm)

Continue providing well-researched responses to queries from the community.  (Local Hist Comm)
       e.   Publish “Want Ads” for volunteers  Establish a section on the website with information about the many volunteer positions to be filled.  (Board)
       f.   Conduct targeted recruiting for volunteers  Develop a strategy to recruit new members from the cohorts most likely to become volunteers.  (Board)
       g.   Publish a mini-annual report  Create an attractive flyer providing an overview of FHS for potential donors.  (Treasurer)
       h.   Conduct targeted local fundraising  Craft and distribute personalized appeals.  (Treasurer)

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